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Sam Carter & Jim Moray’s new band, False Lights to debut as headline act on 17th August

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Yes, it is a music festival, with folk music at its core, but be careful how you interpret “folk music”, and there is a lot more going on besides music…”               Tony Bell, Grapevine Live, 2013


We will be back at glorious Glemham Hall on the 15th, 16th and 17th August 2014 for three blissful days of music and art … Tier 1 Tickets now available.  

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We are thrilled  that Bellowhead will be headlining on Friday 15th August 2014. The Award winning folk big band will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2014.



Mandy Walden and Celia Hart have created unique FolkEast 2013 prints to remind you of  a wonderful festival weekend in Suffolk !

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