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Set in the grounds of Glemham Hall, once thought to be the ancient county seat of old Eastfolk, where for three days a year all the good folk of the east, young and old, would come together to barter and trade, share stories and skills, sing, dance, drink, eat and be merry.

Some of the folk helping us to keep the tradition alive by joining us this year, may already be known to you:-
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FolkEast Productions Ltd are putting on a series of concerts in 2015 to get you in the swing of things for the festival in August.

 Look here for details of a FolkEast event at Diss Corn Hall, Norwich Arts Centre and Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh.



‘Fresh and fun folk-fest’

The Guardian  


On the ‘Ultimate list of 50 must do things this summer’

BBC Radio Suffolk and EADT Poll 2014


Goodnight FolkEast 2014

A half moon hung low in the sky over the fields of Eastfolk tonight as, with a heavy heart, I left my lover and returned home.

For three days and nights she had teased me, thrilled me, enthralled and entertained me. She shared with me her finest food, introduced me to her precious friends. We sang, we ate, we drank, we laughed… oh how we laughed.

But leave her I must. And though that saddens me, I leave with precious memories and new found friends. She is a zephyr which I and other like minded souls must care for and nurture. For she is a precious thing.

I hope next harvest tide that she will return, and that once again we can laugh and sing and remember what it is to be alive, not just living.

Tony Bell Photography 


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