Thank you for all your recommendations for the 2017 line-up. We hope that you will find something  you know and  love and something yet to be  discovered  …


a taste of things to come

Jon Boden  //  Lau

The Dhol Foundation  //  Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys  //  Beoga  

Fay Hield with Jon Boden & Ben Paley  //  Terrafolk

Michael Chapman  //  Simpson, Cutting and Kerr  // The Young’uns

Will Pound & Eddy Jay  //  Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick  //  Martin Simpson

Peter Knight & John Spiers  //   The Willows  //  Ninebarrow

Korrontzi  //  Damien O’Kane Band  //  Three Cane Whale

John Spiers  //  India Electric Co  //  Dan Walsh & John Dowling

Mary Ann Kennedy  //  She Walks Through the Fair – The Story of Margaret Barry

The Drystones  //  Alden Patterson & Dashwood //  Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage

  John Dipper & Dave Malkin  //  Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith // Luke Jackson Trio

Martin Carthy // Mary Humphreys & Anahata // Moore Moss Rutter

Samia Malik  //  Solana // Tarn  //  The Larks

Sheringham Shantymen  //  Huey Jones  //  Richard Grainger

Alma    //  The Norfolk Broads //  Kelly Pritchard & Kevin Walford

Moirai  //  The Swing Museum // Xim

Robert Castellani // Tilly Moses  //  The Busking Sharks

 The Broadside Boys  //  John Ward  //  Shorelark // Dave Shepherd & Anna Pack

DJ MC Squared  //  Honey & The Bear // Little Big Mouth

 Tin River  //  Adrian O  // Two Coats Colder

Bernard Hoskins  //  Rosewood  //  Fire Doves

with more from the magical Soapbox Stage in the Woods &  the new look BroadRoots Club

Plus The Young’uns podcast returns for another year as does John Spiers who will yet again bring his green fingers to the panel of Gardeners Cornered

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