We are currently inviting applications for the 2017 Festival, 18th – 20th August.

It is the volunteers that come and work alongside us at FolkEast that help to create such a successful and friendly festival.

As Stewards, some of the areas that you might be asked to cover are:

  • Checking tickets and wristbands at gates and venue entrances
  • Campsite attending
  • EastFolk chronicle distribution
  • Programme selling
  • Assisting with arrivals and directing Festival goers
  • Keeping access areas clear
  • Supporting in the disabled camping area
  • Controlling numbers (at some venues)
  • Working closely with security
  • Runners
  • Floating Folk Force –  to cover when additional assistance is required.
  • Green Folk –  to keep the field of Glemham Hall truly green ie, picking up litter (tools/gloves provided), assisting with recycling, keeping public eating areas clean and tidy etc.

If you are interested in applying to become part of the team, whether you have volunteered before or are applying for the first time, please read the information below and then download and complete the application form and return to us before  30th May 2017

You can email the completed form to; sue.folkeast@gmail.com or post it to; FolkEast Productions Ltd, PO Box 325, Woodbridge, IP12 9DS. Please keep a copy of your completed application form for your own records.

Please note that communication will be via email where possible. If you have any queries or would like any more information, please contact me at sue.folkeast@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you in the field!

Application forms tbc


Please read the information below before completing the form.


·      Stewards are required to work at least a 4 hour shift to earn a day pass for the festival. If you can commit to working 16 hours over the festival period, this will qualify you for a weekend pass.

·      We have the utmost respect for the skills, time and passion volunteers bring to the Festival. In return all volunteers receive: a free meal in the crew mess tent for each shift worked and plenty of tea and coffee to keep you going!

·      You will need a certain level of physical fitness as you will be on your feet for the majority of the time you are on duty.

·      There will be an important pre-festival briefing that you will need to attend on site on Thursday 18th August. This will be a planning meeting for the weekend, providing you with updated information, including health and safety, a Volunteer information pack, site tour, an explanation of what each role entails and to explain and distribute the final rotas. If this is not possible for you we will try and make an alternative arrangement.

·      Stewards work with a partner at all times. If you wish to work with a friend, please mention this on your application form.

·      The Security team, Volunteer Coordinator and experienced volunteers will fully support you in your role as a volunteer.

·      If there are events that you would like to see or participate in, you will have the opportunity to let us know in advance. We will try and organise the rotas to allow your attendance. If nearer the time, you may inform the Coordinator who will attempt to accommodate this. We will try our best to meet your requests but no guarantees can be made.

·      When the rotas have been prepared you will be notified of the time of your first duty. Please note that full rotas might not be available until you arrive at the Festival and they are always subject to change.

·      You should come prepared for all weather conditions as you are likely to be standing outside for long periods of time. ie please wear suitable footwear, warm/waterproof clothing and provide your own umbrellas, suntan lotion, sun hats, water bottles, flasks etc.



·      You must be at least 18 years old on your first day of availability.

·      You will need to present photo ID on arrival at the Festival when checking in as a volunteer.

·      Our volunteers are the first point of contact for our Festival goers and should conduct themselves in a professional manner. We want to create the best experience possible for everyone involved, which means always being Happy, Helpful and Polite to visitors, contributors, fellow volunteers and all other Folk, vigilant and conscious of safety requirements.

·      All volunteers must attend a Health and Safety briefing before their first shift and sign to say they have received a copy of the Volunteers Event Manual. This should be read thoroughly as it contains vital safety information.

·      Your priority as a volunteer is to help us run the Festival in a safe and controlled manner. We ask you to take pride in your duties, be available for your shifts and work the hours allocated to you. If you fail to honour your volunteering commitments without a valid reason, your access pass will be cancelled and any future applications will be turned down.

·      You must make us aware of any medical conditions/difficulties that may restrict the duties that you can perform. We will try and accommodate this if at all possible. Unfortunately our site at Glemham Hall is not easily manageable for wheelchairs.

·      You will be required to report to the Coordinator 15 minutes before each shift to clarify your duty allocation.

·      Drinking alcohol and smoking whilst on duty is not permitted at any time. Nor must you be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when on duty.

·      Due to our insurance regulations, children should not be with you whilst you are on duty. It is your responsibility to ensure your children are adequately supervised elsewhere on site by a responsible adult.

·      ID lanyards and high vis jackets must be worn visibly whilst on duty.



·      The Festival site address is Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0BT

·      The closest train station is Wickham Market. There will be a shuttle bus available to take you to the Festival site.

·      The festival opens to the public on Friday 18th August and runs until Sunday evening. Some Volunteer roles will begin on Thursday 17th Aug. when the campsite first opens.

·      Camping will be available for Volunteers from 10am on Thursday 17th August 2017. You will be able to camp in the volunteers camping area in a tent, caravan or campervan. You may prefer to use the general camping area. If you are a family with your partner and children, or have other adults camping with you, you will need to camp in the general campsite due to access restrictions. Camping opens for the public at 2pm on Thursday 18th and the main Festival site is open to the public from 10am on Fri. 18th August.

·      Free car parking is available for volunteers who are not camping.

·      Children in your care (even if participating in events you are stewarding) must be looked after by someone else while you are on duty.

·      We try and cater for different dietary requirements but strongly advise that you bring food and snacks with you in case meals are not suitable. There will be a wide variety of food on sale at reasonable prices on the Festival site and volunteers may choose to take their break with family and friends enjoying the activities available.



·      Download and complete the application form.

·      If you wish to work with friends or partners, please mention this on your application form.

·      Please return the form before Monday 18th July 2016 and keep a copy of your completed application form for your own records.

·      Email the form to; sue.folkeast@gmail.com or post it to; FolkEast Productions Ltd, PO Box 325, Woodbridge, IP12 9DS

·      Communication will be via email where possible. Our Volunteer Coordinator Sue will let you know if your application has been successful and if so, provide further information.

·      If you haven’t received an email from the festival office within two weeks of sending your application, please contact Sue Bishop at sue.folkeast@gmail.com

·      You will not receive details of your exact hours and duties until the week before the Festival.

·      Data protection – The details you supply on your application form will be held securely and confidentially by FolkEast and only used in relation to your application or to contact you about matters relating to the festival.